Maine Firewood

Our Mission

GOT WOOD? Inc. provides firewood delivery service and is owned by Jim Davis. Jim, the management, and the staff have lived in the Bath / Brunswick, Maine area their whole lives. From the beginning, they have strived to be the best firewood delivery service, going above and beyond expectations to keep your home or business warm. We are proud locals, which is why we serve our local community with only the best.

Our goal is to provide a full measure of premium cut and split firewood at competitive prices, delivered promptly to your home or business. We strive to keep you prepared all year long with a supply of firewood when you need it most. And we go the extra mile to ensure you’ve enough wood to keep your home warm in the fall and winter months. That’s why each loose cords have 40% more wood than the average. And with a diverse variety of wood types available in a range of BTUs, we’ve got you covered.

We take a safe and environmentally friendly approach to logging and standing timber management. The firewood we get comes from local landowners through woodlot management programs. This allows us to get the variety of firewood types we offer. We have the expertise and dedication to fulfill and exceed your needs. If you want better-than-average firewood services, call us today.