Important Notice

We will be opening for business the week of April 1, 2024.

Due to lack of wood supply last year we have very limited amounts of seasoned wood.  If you buy unseasoned wood in April or May it will be seasoned by the time you need it in the late Fall.  

The wood that we get from our suppliers consists of oak, maple, white birch, yellow birch, beech and ash. We will never sell you aspen or poplar or any soft woods such as pine or fur. Our delivery to you may consist of all one species or a mixture of the above mentioned hardwoods.  

2024 Firewood Pricing:

PLEASE NOTE: For deliveries more than 10 miles from Church Road in Brunswick, there will be a $10 fuel charge in addition to the price of wood.  

Payment & Delivery

At your Service

We require payment before unloading firewood from delivery vehicle. We will accept either cash, personal check or Venmo. If you are not home when we arrive and you forget to leave the payment, our driver will leave without unloading. Before we return for a rescheduled delivery we will require payment of a delivery charge.

Unless there is a major weather event (snow, wind or rain), we will make our delivery to you as scheduled. If you need to change your delivery date, please let us know at least one day before your previously scheduled delivery.

We will make our best effort to put the firewood where you would like it. However, our drivers may decide that the requested delivery spot presents a chance of damaging either your property or ours. Please respect their decision about where we can safely unload and choose a different location. We will drive on your lawn if you specifically request it, provided that it is firm enough to support the truck. However, you need to approve this because the truck WILL damage your lawn and we will not accept responsibility for that damage.

Protecting Your Woods

Wood Delivery

Once delivered, proper storage of your firewood will help maintain it in optimum condition. Moisture Rotting and Insects or Termites all reduce the BTU’s (standardized measurement of thermal units) of the wood. Keeping it dry and off the ground will give you the most value from your purchase. Simply covering the wood with a tarp after piling it is a good start, while storage in a shed is an even better option. Keeping the wood dry, letting some air pass through the pile and avoiding direct contact with the ground will help maintain the heating value of your firewood and reduce (but not eliminate) the likelihood of bugs living in the woodpile.

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